Mylan Products

     Difflam Spray


Difflam Spray is indicated for the symptomatic relief of painful inflammatory conditions of the throat and mouth. The spray should be directed onto the affected area. Uninterrupted treatment should not exceed seven days, except under medical supervision.1

  • ADULTS AND ELDERLY: 4 to 8 puffs, 1.5-3 hourly.
  • CHILDREN (6-12): 4 puffs, 1.5-3 hourly.
  • CHILDREN UNDER 6: One puff to be administered per 4 kg body weight, up to a maximum of 4 puffs, 1.5-3 hourly. 

Please consult the Patient Information Leaflet and Summary of Product Characteristics for further information. 

Difflam contains Benzydamine Hydrochloride.
Always read the Patient Information Leaflet in the pack. 
Should symptoms persist, consult your doctor.