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CB12 Mint

Oral Rinse 50 ml, 250ml & 500 ml

CB12 contains a combination of zinc and chlorhexidine, has a long lasting - 12 hour - effect on bad breath thanks to its chemical make-up, which results in CB12 binding to the oral mucosa, teeth and tongue where it works to neutralise bad breath.

Thanks to the optimal low concentrations of chlorhexidine and zinc acetate within CB12, users avoid discoloration of teeth otherwise associated with long-term use of chlorhexidine, as well as problems with bad taste in the mouth associated with high zinc concentrations.

CB12 has been developed and its effect evaluated and documented using a specially designed gas chromatograph, only a few of which are available worldwide.

CB12 is very easy to use and patients are advised that they should gargle and rinse their mouth with 10 ml of CB12 for 1 minute, then spit it out. Since CB12 is long acting, individuals can rinse their mouth once a day for 12 hours of effectiveness, or morning and evening for 24-hour protection.1,2,3

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