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    Hydromol Ointment


Hydromol® Ointment 1

It is indicated for the management of dry skin.

Hydromol® Ointment is an all-purpose emollient used to moisturise and soften dry skin. It can be used as an ointment, as a bath additive and as an alternative to soap. Hydromol Ointment contains no fragrances, colourings, additives or preservatives.  It is suitable for use in all ages.

All-purpose emollient – Apply to the affected area with a smooth stroking action in the direction of hair growth. Use liberally as often as required. Ensure hands are clean before applying.

Bath additive – Melt Hydromol Ointment in warm water in a suitable container, add mixture to the bath. Care should be taken as Hydromol Ointment will make the surface of the bath slippery.

Soap substitute – Use as required when washing Always take special care when using emollients after bathing; this may present an increased risk of slipping and falling. 

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