Our Commitment to 7 Billion People

In late October 2011, the United Nations declared the world’s population to have surpassed 7 billion and predicted it would reach 9 billion by the middle of the 21st century. 1 This milestone prompted international discussion about the needs of humanity among the G-20 leadership to look at ways in which society could face the challenges of providing safety and security for all – a mission that is now carried forward by the UN Population Fund.

When it comes to population health needs, there are numerous challenges - in the underdeveloped world, fertility, reproductive health, and ensuring access to appropriate care for women and children are top concerns, as are the prevention and treatment of communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, which claim the lives of millions each year. In contrast, developed nations face chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and metabolic challenges as aging populations suffer heart problems and obesity rates continue to rise. These challenges remain in the forefront of many government institutions working to develop policy and programs to ease the burden, but is that enough?

Mylan’s responsibility to 7+ Billion people
Throughout Mylan’s history, we have strived to improve access to medicines and provide healthcare options to millions of families and patients. The 7 billion population milestone in 2011 provided our leadership team with the ideal opportunity to review its commitment and led to the creation of an aspiration to touch the lives and deliver health to all of the world’s inhabitants; not as a privilege, but a fundamental right. Since that time the company has been putting its aspiration into practice through a combination of internal initiatives, manufacturing capabilities, advocating for access and advancing research and discovery.

Living our culture with Integrity:
This aspiration has taken hold within the company through several concrete actions:

  • Mylan joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2017 formalizing our commitment to Global Social Responsibility and sustainability along with 9000 other leading organizations that are committed to advancing society.
  • Internally, the expression “7B:1” signifies our commitment to all and reminds our teams of their role not just as an employee, but as an ambassador for change.
  • In 2016, we revised our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics to reinforce the values of Innovation, Integrity, Reliability, Service and Teamwork and mandated new training for key functions, surpassing over 2 million organized training events in early 2017.
  • A formal Supplier Code of Conduct and training program has been developed and rolled out internationally to share our values and high expectations with suppliers.

Medicine every patient can trust:
A global network of 47 manufacturing systems together with the personal accountability for maintaining a high-quality standard ensures the right choices are made to deliver our medicine. Our facilities are routinely inspected by global health regulators and our aim is to meet and exceed the exacting standards mandated by authorities. As a result of this rigor and investment, Mylan provides more than 7,500 marketed healthcare products to over 60,000 customers and millions of patients worldwide.

Aspiration is nothing without access:
Perhaps the most dramatic story of patient access can be illustrated with our impact on HIV/AIDS and the provision of life-saving antiretrovirals (ARVs). Mylan is by far the leading manufacturer of ARVs, last year producing 4 billion tablets. The availability of this medication has had a profound benefit to the 37 million people living with HIV throughout the world while drastically driving down the cost of treatment.

Medicines today, discoveries tomorrow:
The healthcare industry continues to invest heavily in the discovery and development of new medications to benefit society – and Mylan is no exception. This year, nearly 1,800 additional new product submissions are pending regulatory approval, and more than 6,100 more submissions are planned making Mylan a heavyweight contender for driving innovation for patients.

Mylan is also dedicated to the unique needs of patient populations – for instance in infectious disease where research has let to new heat-stable packets of medication to meet the needs of infants and children in arid climates.

At Mylan, it takes an entire company to reach each patient
Mylan has an audacious goal to reach and impact every person on the planet, all 7 Billion and counting, and as our population continues to grow in a world of finite resources – we will continue to focus our strategy to deliver more.

Whether through the conduct of our employees and values of our company; the patient protections and measures we design around our products that instill trust in our treatments; the manufacturing investments and distribution logistics to reach the global marketplace or the pipeline of innovation and discovery itself, we are one company collectively working for the benefit of every single inhabitant of the earth.

If you would like to learn more about our mission, please visit www.mylan.com. Greater detail about our worldwide efforts in sustainability and social responsibility can be found here.

MARC NON-2018-1333 DOP: June 2019