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Mylan's mission is at the core of everything we do - regardless of whether you're the company's CEO or a new employee straight from school. It's what we're all about and it serves as the foundation for all that we do around the globe and here in Ireland to make better health for a better world.

And right here in Ireland, Mylan is proud to be one of the largest employers in pharmaceuticals in the country, with a rich history that spans nearly four decades.

With four facilities in Dublin, one in Galway and a workforce of more than 1,500, it’s easy to see how our work in Ireland supports our mission of delivering better health to the world’s 7 billion people. Our strong manufacturing presence means more than two thirds of our workforce are directly helping to produce medicines. So, whether it’s a daily tablet or capsule to treat a chronic condition, a sterile injectable product to manage infections or an inhaler for respiratory diseases, we believe every person matters and should have the opportunity to live the healthiest life possible.

Mylan is always looking for passionate people to help us deliver on our mission so take a look at where we are in Ireland, and learn more about what we have to offer.

You can also search for local positions and global opportunities.